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We empower storytellers to

bring their creative visions to life

through virtual production

We run frictionless virtual

productions for a wide range

of global clients

We created the HYPERBOWL Virtual Production platform to enable creative decision-making on the spot - in a fast, robust and intuitive work environment.

Virtual production set with a technocrane and camera crew at HYPERBOWL Penzing

We are an interdisciplinary team of artists, engineers, and production experts. Together, we set the stage visual storytellers to create unique creative visions.

Man looking up in the sky for an advertising campaign shot in the HYPERBOWL

HYPERBOWL is now part of Europe’s most exciting studio environment, Penzing Studios.

Man looking at a screen during an advertising virtual production at HYPERBOWL


Patrick Höchstetter

“You know it's gonna be superb when you work with HYPERBOWL”

Patrick Höchstetter, Executive Producer Pullover Films #keepongoingkeeponflowing

Ekkehart Pollack

“Smoothest virtual production out there.”

Ekkehart Pollack, DOP

Matthäus Bussmann

“A space of limitless possibilities”

Matthäus Bussmann, Director

In-Ah Lee

“HYPERBOWL produces beautiful work, perfect for aesthetically demanding projects”

In-Ah Lee, Producer Markenfilm

Christian Genz

“There's no other VP studio and crew that can create amazing visuals at such high speed”

Christian Genz, Manager Global Events – Live Communications Volkswagen Group, K-GK-LE

Maher Maleh

“This is it. Finally a crew that understands how to bring arts to advertising”

Maher Maleh, DOP