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HYPERBOWL is an open production platform and your one-stop destination for virtual production.

We get inside your creative vision, help to realize it technically and creatively, and offer comprehensive production services, in our own studio and beyond.

From Full-service virtual production, including creative and service production, to fixing a crew with specific roles or consultation.

Everyone gets full access to our know-how.


Art Direction
Art Department
Virtual Art Department
Capturing real locations through scanning, photogrammetry and plates
VFX Supervision
Blocking and Scene Layout
Virtual location scouting
Virtual cinematography
Virtual characters
Tech Viz
Pre Viz


DVP / Virtual Production Supervisor
VFX Supervision


Full VFX and Postproduction Pipeline
Rotoscoping and Floor replacement
Set Extension
Post-Renders for Compositing
Highres Renderings for Print

Creative Services

Power to the Storyteller.
Creative Services are at the center of HYPERBOWL.


Headline: "Elevate Your Vision with Our Virtual Production Mastery."
Subheadline: "Bringing Dreams to Life - Our Expertise in Art, Technology, and Production Sets Us Apart."

Headline: "Virtual Marvels: Where Creativity Meets Innovation."
Subheadline: "From Concept to Completion, We Redefine Virtual Production Excellence."

Headline: "Unlock Boundless Possibilities through Virtual Production.
"Subheadline: "Pioneering the Future of Filmmaking - Your Imagination, Our Expertise.

"Headline: "Seamless Fusion of Art and Technology in Virtual Production."
Subheadline: "Crafting Unparalleled Visual Experiences for Every Project."

Headline: "Embrace the Virtual Revolution - Unleash Your Story's Potential.
"Subheadline: "At the Forefront of Virtual Artistry and Production, We Turn Ideas into Reality."

Technical Supervision
Production Planning
Volume Operations
Scene Import and Optimization
Tracking and Data Akquisition
Color Management
AR + Realtime VFX Previz
Virtual Props
Custom Studio Design and LED Setups
Virtual Greenscreen
Virtual Lighting / Lightcards

Virtual Production Services

We run Virtual Production - anywhere. HYPERBOWL Munich is our home turf, but we’re available to plan, setup and run shows on other stages and project-specific volumes at our standards.


For projects that can be completed at HYPERBOWL, we can act as service production, taking care of all traditional and practical departments.

As part of large productions

If only a part of a project is virtual production - or considered to be virtual - we help to integrate the virtual part into traditional schemes. We offer holistic project evaluation and consultancy to identify potentials for reductions in crew, locations, sets, lighting etc and help to reduce contingency across the board.

Production Services

Virtual Production transforms the way we produce film. In order to leverage its potential, many aspects of a production have to be revisited. Together with our network partners, HYPERBOWL can offer end-to-end services to maximize the creative potential, speed up production and minimize costs.

Experience our professional 360° driving sequences with seamless 16k panoramas, encoded for flawless playback on HYPERBOWL.

Plates & 360° Plates

Our virtual productions are a win for budgets, creativity, and the planet.