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Behind the scenes for a car commercial with visible camera calibration


We run your virtual production by bringing the technology’s creative potential to you and taking away its complexity.

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We created the HYPERBOWL platform to enable frictionless virtual production. It combines software, creative, and production services in one comprehensive package. Its workflows and operations are designed for creative decision-making on the spot - in a fast, robust, and intuitive work environment.

Plattform Components


We develop and maintain our own software framework to enable frictionless virtual production in a native Unreal environment. HYPERCONTROL is open, lean, safe, and efficient.

Digital Lighting

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Every aspect of HYPERCONTROL is designed in pursuit of efficiency and speed. Whether color temperature, brightness, hue, or saturation, HYPERCONTROL empowers you to change everything in seconds with the swipe of your finger. The LED volume lighting can be fully controlled from a portable tablet allowing director, DOP, and director of virtual production to change lighting conditions on the spot and as they go.

Scene Control

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Most virtual production studios aren’t capable of changing environments and general settings in real time. HYPERCONTROL is designed to allow changes to individual assets and even entire environments on set in real-time. 10x NVIDIA RTX6000 power the software framework to ensure creatives can blaze through environments without lags and computing bottlenecks.

Asset Pipeline

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HYPERBOWL Virtual Production utilizes a unified production pipeline. In other words: storytellers can create multiple media (film, broadcast AR, app animations) from one set of assets. This guarantees visual consistency across different use cases and drastically reduces production time and cost. 


We run the floor of your virtual production, being able to interface with your team on all levels.

Technical Director (VP)

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Our Technical Directors (VP) manage LED operations, video distribution, monitoring, and networking. Their job is to ensure that storytellers can create without technical constraints for even the most challenging visions. 

Brain Bar Operator

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HYPERBOWL Brain Bar Operators are responsible for the software infrastructure, taking care of Unreal environments and their projection. They ensure that the LED volume is correctly placed inside the LED volume and that systems are calibrated. Additionally, they are responsible for on-the-spot changes to the environment.

Tracking System Operators

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For every production, pinpoint accurate camera tracking is essential. HYPERBOWL tracking system operators work with broadcast-grade camera tracking. They ensure that the camera, tracking system, and LED volume work flawlessly throughout the production.


We provide key creative roles from the new virtual departments to complete your team. Our crew provide their expert know-how, so you can be sure to produce state-of-the-art and we advance together in Virtual Production.

Virtual Art Department

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The final result is just as good as the quality of the digital environments. Our virtual department is there from start to finish: they translate the creative vision into digital locations.

Production Planning

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Forget everything you know about production planning, HYPERBOWL requires a new way of thinking about how to realize creative visions. That is why we provide virtual production planners who make sure to unlock the maximum potential to save time and money across the project. So pros working in large productions, with a tight schedule and an aesthetically demanding vision, can deliver their best work under budget.

Director of Virtual Production

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The Director of Virtual Production works directly with directors, DOPs, and other production staff. Their job is to control lighting and translate creative visions into technical instructions for brain bar operators.