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Corporate Events

at HYPERBOWL are equally at home in the digital and the physical space.

Product Launches – Keynotes – Driving Events – Conferences – Metaverse Portals. We host and create events that are equally at home in the digital and the physical space.


We are located in a refurbished helicopter hangar at the former military airbase in Penzing, 45 minutes outside of Munich. The studio can accommodate large-scale productions and complies with strict confidentiality requirements.

Your guests will enjoy great hospitlity in our newly renovated facility, with private lounges, offices and catering.

Network + Partners

It’s no secret that HYPERBOWL was founded by three companies, who have a proven track-record in designing, planning and running live events around the globe. This combined expertise is available to realize events of any scale at HYPERBOWL.

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The new standard

Digital audiences need the same service like present audiences, and they have learned to appreciate high standards of broadcasting and reporting during the pandemic.

At HYPERBOWL, we create studios, event spaces and presentations, that feel physical, accessible and real and at the same time tie in remote audiences and leverage the potential of a digital narrative space.

Driving Events

Our studio and the ample space and private roads on the former military airbase form a perfect hub for driving events.

Aerial view of penzing studios and the HYPERBOWL virtual production hangar

Virtual Studios and Augmented Reality

Create individual brand spaces for your keynote or simply stage your presentation as if you were at an actual location.

Use augmented reality as an innvoative layer of infomration to explain new technologies and invisible product features.

Our event related services include:

Studio Design

Motion Graphics

OnAir Design

Event Management

Technical Planning

Broadcast Engineering

Broadcast Augmented Reality

Multi Camera


Show Direction / Show Calling

Metaverse Portal

With its virtual technology, HYPERBOWL is a portal into the Metaverse. You can bring any virtual content into the studio and make it interactive and accessible to real people.

HYPERBOWL is the platform to tell stories about the future and create new and forward looking event formats.

Hyperbowl Voices

Christian Genz | Landing Page

"You can create whatever visual world you want. And the best part: it looks and feels like reality"

Christian Genz, Brand Manager VW