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Fast paced, short notice, highly creative, flexible and budget sensitive production.

Advertising was our incubator for becoming the fastest, most versatile and experienced crew in the world. We’re eager for the next challenge, big or small!

Our advertising related services include:

Concept Art / Styleframes

Previs / Techvis

Art Direction

Virtual and Practical Art Department

VFX and VFX Supervision

Digital Asset Creation

Photogrammetry and Scanning


Our full-service Virtual Art Department (VAD) brings together a team of skilled artists who collaborate closely with filmmakers and our virtual production team. Together, we craft captivating environments and sets for your show, delivering an unparalleled production experience.

Concept Art / Styleframes

Our in-house creatives collaborate with production designers and directors, visualizing early-stage designs for virtual environments. Our concept artists define artistic fundamentals and contribute to virtual production pipelines, designing diverse styles for various production needs.


We offer storyboards that represent the story's sequence, especially for virtual production. They help plan and communicate ideas, enhancing understanding and collaboration in visual storytelling.

Full 3D Previs

Previsualization ('previs') is crucial for film and TV production, enabling early design, planning, and understanding of shots. It utilizes 3D imagery, a bespoke pipeline, and digital tools to iterate staging, lighting, and camera options without actual production costs. Previs, including 'Pitchvis,' helps secure studio support and investor interest by creating dynamic visual material showcasing creative intent, bridging the gap from concept to tangible product. It's a valuable service embraced by our Hyperbowl Team.


Techvis is the process of planning complex shots using virtual elements and real-world equipment. It enhances coordination between production departments, ensuring accurate camera moves, placement, and lens choices. Techvis saves time, reduces costs, and mitigates risks, making it an invaluable service for studios and filmmakers. As part of the HYPERBOWLs creative services, Techvis adds significant value to complex productions.

Hyperbowl Voices

Maher Maleh | Landing Page

“I can't imagine a better location for creatively ambitious advertising budgets”

Maher Maleh, DOP

In-Ah Lee | Landing Page

“This just works. I've seen other studios trying but none comes close to HYPERBOWL”

In-Ah Lee, Producer Markenfilm

Patrick Höchstetter

“You know it's gonna be superb when you work with HYPERBOWL”

Patrick Höchstetter, Executive Producer Pullover Films #keepongoingkeeponflowing