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A full LED Volume suitable for large scale scenic work, automotive, advertisement and events.

LED Volume

HYPERBOWL Munich @ Penzing Studios

Seamless 270° LED Stage

260 sqm LED Ceiling + 240 sqm LED Wall

Native Unreal Environment, multi-camera enabled

Volume Specs

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  • Total LED surface: 500 sq m (5,380 sq ft)
  • Floor space: 20.32 x 14.32 m (66' 8" × 46' 11.8")
  • Inside Volume Studio Surface: Approx. 290 sq m (3,121 sq ft)
  • Studio clearance: 5.43 m (17' 9.8")
  • Pixel Pitch: 2.6 mm
  • Brightness: 1500 Nits
  • Wide gamut (DCI-P3), Color calibrated workflow with ARRI, Sony and RED cameras

LED Horizon

  • Horizon Surface Area: 236.5 sq m (2,545 sq ft)
  • Total Dimensions: 43 x 5.45 m (141’ 0.9” x 17’ 0.7”)
  • Resolution: 16,512 x 2,112 pixels
  • Optional Gate: Up to 82.5 sq m (888 sqft)


  • Sky Surface Area: Approx. 294.5 sq m (3,170 sq ft)
  • Total Dimensions: 19 × 15.50 m (62' 4" × 50' 10.2")
  • Resolution: 7,296 × 5,952 pixels


  • Dimensions can be extended depending on technical needs
  • Up to 23 load points in sky surface for additional lighting or rigging

Render Specs

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Render Hardware

  • Render Nodes: 10x Output, 2x Frustum/Spares
  • Processor: AMD Threadripper Pro 3975WX
  • Storage: 4TB NVMe Raid O
  • Network: 10GbE Network, 100GbE Mellanox

Render Software

  • Software Unreal Engine 5.2 Custom Build
  • Setup: 12x Render Nodes, 3x Control Nodes, 1x Tracking Server
  • Color Management: OCIO + ARRI VP Color Calibration implemented
  • Supported Frame rates: 24/25/30/48/60 fps
  • Additional artist workstations available

Seamless transition between LED Horizon and Sky

Closed LED Ceiling of the same 2.6mm LED material as the wall. You can do extreme wide shots and also low shots that show the ceiling. Reflections on cars and other glossy objects are all-encompassing and seamless. This cannot be achieved in smaller or differently configured LED stages. It also enables a faster and more comprehensive lightcard-workflow.

Multiple Camera Frustums

Without degradation of render performance through SMPTE 2110.

Custom Solutions

In-house technical crew able to develop custom integrations like turntable tracking, shadow projection via projectors etc.


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We are located in a refurbished helicopter hangar at the former military airbase in Penzing, 45 minutes outside of Munich. The studio can accommodate large-scale productions and complies with strict confidentiality requirements. Through Penzing Studios, large conventional studio spaces are available in direct vicinity, on the same backlot.

Aerial view of penzing studios and the HYPERBOWL virtual production hangar


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  • 1.200m2 main studio space
  • Drive-in with Trucks
  • 400Mbit symmetrical internet connection
  • Approx. 1,000 sq m (10,763 sq ft) indoor preparation area
  • Production Offices
  • Make-Up and Dressing Rooms
  • Canteen and kitchen
  • Green Power Supply
  • E-Car Charging station
  • Rigging Points