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Aerial view of penzing studios and the HYPERBOWL virtual production hangar


HYPERBOWL is now part of Europe’s most exciting studio environment, Penzing Studios.

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HYPERBOWL operates from a refurbished airplane hangar at the former airbase Penzing. The hangar and the entire studio environment provide ample space for large-scale productions and the highest level of privacy and seclusion for even the most confidential productions.

Virtual production set with camera crew and equipment at HYPERBOWL studio in Penzing


15,360 x 2,112px

Horizon Resolution


Pixel Pitch

8,640 x 6,144px

Sky Resolution

10 bit

Bit Depth Video


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  • Total LED surface: 478 sqm
  • Floor space: 20 x 14.5 m
  • Net studio: 214 sqm
  • Studio clearance: 5.77 m
  • Pixel Pitch: 2.6 mm
  • Bit depth video: 10bit
  • feed


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  • Surface: 220 sqm
  • Total dimensions: 40.00 x 5.50 m
  • Resolution: 15,360 x 2,112 px
  • Optional Gate: 82.5 sqm


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  • Surface: 258 sqm
  • Total dimensions: 22.5 x 16 m
  • Resolution: 8,640 x 6,144 px


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  • Native Unreal 4.27 workflows for Virtual Production
  • Broadcast AR
  • Rendered on 10x RTX A6000
  • Broadcast grade camera tracking
  • Live and collaborative scene editing


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  • Up to 23 load points in sky surface for additional lighting
  • Full length of horizon can be added with light positions
  • Set construction on site possible
  • Additional technical installations possible


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  • Temporary offices with any kind of furniture and infrastructure
  • Venue is shaded, also according to secret products like concept cars
  • Enough space for client’s workshop and storage
  • Power supply for large charging infrastructure of electric vehicles
  • Secure prep rooms inside venue
  • Catering service
  • 100% green electric power supply
  • Entire hall can be entered by truck
  • Daylight independend


Conference table of the HYPERBOWL production room at Penzing Studios
Kitchen and table of the HYPERBOWL production room at Penzing Studios


Our production rooms provide enough space and a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure to support your production operations behind the scenes.

Interior photograph of the dressing room at the HYPERBOWL studio in Penzing
Couch, table, and mirrors of the dressing room at the HYPERBOWL studio in Penzing


Our dressing rooms come with all amenities that actors, actresses, and staff need. On request, additional furniture can be provided and other special requests can be taken care of.

Floor plan

HYPERBOWL Floor plan of Penzing Studio rooms