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Hyperbowl Virtual Production empowers brands to captivate audiences with immersive performances.

VISION EQXX World premiere

Mercedes Benz

Why Hyperbowl

More Creativity

Open up infinite spaces to tell your story. Shoot on top of Mount Everest, in the depths of Mariana Trench, or make up completely fictional worlds. Everything is possible.

Sky and cloud reflections on a car during a virtual production shoot

Better Immersion

Allow audiences to take center stage. With Hyperbowl Virtual Production live performances and events become more immersive and inclusive. Tack-sharp visuals that look and feel real make audiences  part of your presentation.

Corporate event shot in virtual production with a car and a speaker

Performance in context

Immerse and inspire anywhere. The Hyperbowl Virtual Production  platform is designed for maximum flexibility allowing it to be set up anywhere in the world to deliver breathtaking performances.

Musical performance on the HYPERBOWL virtual production soundstage with camera crew and techno crane

Shooting multiple locations a day

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Shoot multiple locations a day without having to pack up and move. From Antarctica to Mars – virtual environments can be switched in a matter of seconds. As a result, productions experience less downtime and more efficiency.

Being independent of weather / daytime / seasons

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Get the best shots independent of weather, time of the day, or season. With Hyperbowl Virtual Production, you control the elements. For filmmakers this means being able to realize their specific creative vision. For actors this means less pressure and more performance in context.

Working with celebrities

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Get the most out of productions involving celebrities. With Hyperbowl Virtual Production you can control the scene perfectly, increasing the overall efficiency of production. This is ideal for shoots with celebrities who are always tightly scheduled.Additionally, productions can be performed away from the public eye making the overall production less stressful for both crew and celebrities.

Handling secret projects

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Hyperbowl Virtual Production is ideal for projects that require secrecy and extreme levels of confidentiality. Automotive world premieres, celebrity productions, or corporate announcements – best produced at Hyperbowl. 

Low set design cost

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Created to shoot anything you want, Hyperbowl Virtual Production allows you to keep the cost of practical sets as low as possible. Virtual environments depicted on the LED volume expand the practical set in front perfectly, providing a perfect illusion of depth and lifeliness. 

Performing car shots

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Hyperbowl Virtual Production delivers the best environment for automotive productions. The 270 degree LED volume with LED ceiling allows for light reflections on the car for true-to-life detail. As vehicles are most often glossy objects, Hyperbol’s ultra-fast computing power allows for fast moving backgrounds, making driving scenes feel responsive and look stunning.

Creating abstract and magic worlds

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One moment you find yourself in an abstract world of art, in a crater on Mars the next. By utilizing the latest Unreal Engine technology, we can create abstract and magic worlds that look and feel like they are real.

Shooting on hard-to-reach locations

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Ever dreamt of shooting at the peak of Mount Everest or in the depths of the Mariana Trench? Hyperbowl Virtual Production allows you to shoot anywhere you like. The only limitation is your imagination.

Low travel costs

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Travel across the globe within minutes or leave this planet entirely – and the best part, you don’t have to travel at all. With Hyperbowl Virtual Production, you can shoot your project in one location making additional travel for the crew and actors virtually unnecessary. 

Re-using locations

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Once created, virtual locations can be reused infinitely. Our library of virtual production environments and assets allows for faster set creation and lower production costs.

Short post production time

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Forget green screen and the problems that come with it. With Hyperbowl Virtual Production you avoid all the nitty gritty issues that green screen brings and reduce shot post production time manifold. In-camera VFX shows you what you get when you shoot it – making adjustments on set a lot easier and allowing for an overall more satisfactory and final product.

Sustainable production

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We take responsibility for the environmental footprint of all our productions. We are committed to one day run every production at Penzing Studios on 100% renewable energy. Additionally we are committed to one day sourcing 100% recycled and renewable materials for our studio technology. In the meantime, we offset all CO2 emitted through the production of our technology and the operation of the studios.

Hyperbowl Voices

Christian Genz | Landing Page

"You can create whatever visual world you want. And the best part: it looks and feels like reality"

Christian Genz, Brand Manager VW