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We translate your creative vision into virtual production.


We provide key creative roles from virtual departments to individual experts. Our crew provide their know-how and experience, so you can produce state-of-the-art work.

Virtual Art Department

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The final result is just as good as the quality of the digital environments. Our virtual department is there from start to finish: they translate the creative vision into digital locations.

Production Planning

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Forget everything you know about production planning, HYPERBOWL requires a new way of thinking about how to realize creative visions. That is why we provide virtual production planners who make sure to unlock the maximum potential to save time and money across the project. So pros working in large productions, with a tight schedule and an aesthetically demanding vision, can deliver their best work under budget.

Director of Virtual Production

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The Director of Virtual Production works directly with directors, DOPs, and other production staff. Their job is to control lighting and translate creative visions into technical instructions for brain bar operators. 

We approach every project with the same question:

Does it make sense to shoot in virtual production?


Truth is, anyone can buy an LED Volume (studio). Anyone can put something on the LED screen.

But making it look believable, making it look convincing is the hard part.


When you go virtual, you deal with a number of technologies. LED screens, cameras, lighting, visual effects, and digital worlds displayed on the screen. All of these technologies have their unique characteristics and limitations. Understanding them is the key to a proper artistic evaluation.

We’ve done over 80+ productions for which we have created the digital worlds. We’ve also worked the production floor and filled creative roles in the process. We know which questions to ask.

We are here to make sure you make the right choice. And when you choose going virtual, we make sure to elevate your creative vision.

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Project Evaluation
Studio Tour
Virtual Content Consultation
Edit, VFX, and more

01. Project Discovery

We get inside your creative vision and evaluate your project scene by scene towards feasibility and artistic benefit regarding virtual production. We do this first evaluation for free!

02. Studio Tour / Site Recce

We do everything to increase confidence and practical understanding of a virtual production shoot for your crew, from a virtual studio tour to a hands-on workshop where we test your project's assets and particular technical or artistic requirements on our stage.

03. Content Creation

To realize your vision in virtual production, we design sets and create assets from scratch or based on photogrammetry. We break sets into physical and virtual elements to make things look real.

We will handle everything end-to-end if you opt for our asset creation services.

If you bring your content or wish to work with your own VFX house, we interface with your specialists on any level and offer all our expertise in this scenario.

04. Pre-Visualization / Tech-Viz

We help to plan and visualize every shot for feasibility and artistic value with physically correct camera angles and lenses. We deliver shooting boards and animatics for integration into large-scale film productions.

05. Shoot

During the actual shoot, our virtual production director works closely with your DoP and Director. He will offer solutions for creative requirements and direct the Brain Bar operators.

Camera Assistant, DIT, and Gaffers are closely tied to our processes.

06. Edit, VFX, and more

If needed, we can provide edit, VFX, and post-production services from the HYPERBOWL network. We work with one of Germany’s most experienced VFX companies, Acht.

Talk to one of our creative experts to receive a free evaluation. Within 12 hours. Completely free of charge.